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"Thank you! Thank you, for coming out with Kiki. As a middle school librarian, I often cringe as I place the [other teen magazines] out on the shelves each month. I will gladly replace them with your publication."
Gigi (librarian), IL

"I LOVE the ideas behind this magazine. I was looking for this very thing to encourage some slow readers to read more by sending them their own personal magazines into their home."
Carolyn (teacher), WV

"This sounds like a great magazine for [my daughter] as she LOVES fashion and I'm thrilled with the promise of decent, family value content. Thanks!"
Melissa, OH

"[A friend] described an alternative to the body/ boy obsessed teen magazines that focused on individuality and creativity. I had a chance to peruse Kiki's website this weekend and was blown away. I especially like the fact that the magazine allots space for the girls' own writing and art, allowing them to create a personalized altered book. Kiki is something I would like to be a part of."
Molly (head of young adult section of bookstore), OH

"I am a 6th grade teacher. I want to applaud you for your magazine. What a breath of fresh air! I LOVE being on the cutting edge of fashion with the students in my class. We talk about your magazine often. I am getting a subscription and the girls are excited about having it in my classroom."
Cathy (teacher), OH

"Thanks for providing a magazine that is filled with age appropriate material."
Brigitte (writer specializing in teen's and women's issues), DC

"Thank you so much for this publication! My daughter is a creative 12 year old who LOVES drawing fashion, sewing clothes for her dolls and herself, and making necklaces and knitting and crocheting gifts for her family and friends. Thank you for producing such an interesting, interactive magazine that is appropriate for girls! I LOVE reading it too."
Kyle, OH

"I'm really impressed with the quality of the magazine, front to back."
Robin, PA

"I came across your magazine at the MAGIC tradeshow last week and LOVE it. It gives such good grown-up advice but in a kid's way to promote healthy creativity."
Julia (fashion designer & instructor), NV

"My daughter and I LOVE your magazine!"
Susan, OH

"I'm doing research for my thesis about magazines for teenage girls and I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE what this magazine is doing! I was so tired of seeing magazine after magazine of the same stuff. I wish this magazine had been on the market when I was younger."
Ashley (graduate student), NY

"I LOVE your philosophy and your execution!"
Angela, FL

"Thank goodness that you have created a decent magazine for my 12 yr old! Thanks for your passion in doing this for our girls and offering a more wholesome and educational choice. "
Farah, CA

"I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I was to find your magazine amongst all the other pre-teen "magazines". It was relief to purchase material for my 11 year old daughter that wasn't full of all those articles your editor mentioned in her letter on your website. And to boot, she LOVED Kiki and can't wait until the next issue. She is a fashion designer in the making so the articles were perfect! Thank you, thank you."
Lisa, VA

"I am a professional photographer who photographs models, actors, singers, etc. and want to compliment you on coming up with a magazine for this age group ‘minus sexual overtones.'"
Lawrence, NV

"We've been telling all [of our daughter's] friends (and their parents) about the magazine. Everyone LOVES it - truly thoughtful, quality material through and through."
Robin, PA

"Thank you so much for this magazine! It's wonderful! What a great contribution you are making to better change the lives of impressionable girls! I cannot wait to present this to my daughter for her 10th birthday! She is going to LOVE every minute of it! I am so amazed there is something out there that I will let her read, imagine and dream with! Again, hats off to you! And for doing your part to keep these girls desensitized from junk!"
Patti, OH

"I think your magazine is age appropriate and fabulous! I can't wait to surprise my daughter with the magazine subscription."
Amy, OH

"I'm thrilled to have found a magazine that doesn't teach a girl how to be sexier for boys, but speaks to their own personality."
Ali, LA

"I LOVE this magazine and I am a mom (of 3 boys!). I had to buy it and send it to my goddaughter. But to put it into perspective, I am in the magazine business. My clients are Elle, Vogue, Oprah, In Style and I have my own series of e-magazines so I do know what I'm talking about. It's spectacular, inspiring, gorgeous...LOVE the cover, everything. It's right on for your demographic."
Kathi, ME

"I have been doing research on magazines targeted to young girls and I came across your magazine at a New Seasons in Portland Oregon. I fell in LOVE. Your magazine is amazing and your message to young girls is awesome! Please keep doing what you are doing. Girls these days really need some positive influence in their lives!"
Amanda (researcher,) OR

"As the mother of 4 daughters and grandmother to two (the other 5 grandkids are boys) I can't commend you enough on your magazine! I'm also an avid sewer and have tried to interest our 9 year old granddaughter in sewing. She LOVES to get into my fabrics and play in my sewing room but until moving back to our city just recently she was thousands of miles away - we could only do that when she came to stay for 4 weeks in the summer and at Christmas. I have photocopied the croquis kit from Project Runway kids patterns and she's LOVED those. She and her sister can "design" clothes for hours... There are few things I can find to encourage her interest in fashion that doesn't give equal content space to boy-hunting. Thank you so much for creating this magazine."
Connie, Canada

"I Am soooo excited about finding your magazine for my 12 year old niece who recently moved in with me. I am now her guardian, and while I have no children of my own, I am excited about the opportunity to help this wonderful, vivacious young woman with her journey."
Lindy, IL

"Just when I thought to give up and only allow my 10 year old to read [another teen magazine] I found you. So refreshing to find something that doesn't shove sexuality, make-up, teenage drama and other inappropriate things down our daughter's throats. Like they need any more of that than what they get in the halls at school. Thank you for something we can feel our children are safe with. Thank you for giving our girls the option of remaining a little more innocent and naive then too mature too fast."

"We LOVE LOVE LOVE the magazine!!! I have four daughters, ages 17, 13, 11, and 8."
Marti, MD

"Thank you for inspiring my beautiful 10 year-old! Keep up the good work!!"
Heathe, PA

"My granddaughter really likes the magazine. She is 14, and it's perfect for her. I was instantly impressed with this magazine."
Carol, TN

"I am so happy to find a quality magazine for my 10 year old niece!"
Mary, NY

"I appreciate your incredible customer service; you are truly setting yourself apart."
Heather, CA

"We discovered your magazine at Barnes and Noble (Winter 2009) and all 4 of my daughters LOVE it!!!"
Labeth, KS

"It has inspired my soon-to-be nine year-old in countless ways. She now sews and makes jewelry and feels confident about those interests. As a mother in this crazy culture we live in, this magazine is such a positive and creative outlet for us."

"As an African-American, straight man I enjoyed your magazine for its timeliness (it's rare to find a magazine for tweens that does not promote salacious content)."
Troy, NY

"We LOVE ♥♥♥ the magazine!"
Kat (teacher), CA

"My daughter LOVES your magazine! It has a great, positive tone without being preachy. A very hard note to hit."
Janet, OH

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